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ヾ(^0^)/ <33

Friends Zone <3

Hello hun, how are you?
I'm Usagi, Nice to meet you~

90% Friends
10% Public

My name is Usagi. I love pink and am a sucker for cake!!! I'm 18 and am very sweet unless you piss me off ^^. I wount add weirdos and or stalkers ;o;. Comment to be added :DD.

初めまして!私はウサギです。私は大学の学生。一年生。アメリカに住んでいます。私はハーフ黒人とハーフ プエルトリコ人。私は大好き食べるケーキとショッピング。大好き新しい友達!



No, no.. I didn't die.


What's in my purse?

Because I'm a follower, not a leader..





Yes? No? Maybe?

Alright my loves, this is just a quick entry that I want most of you to comment on. I just need you guys to let me know your status on attending my & momo's 21st bday trip to Japa. I want to call a couple of airports and ask them what kind of group rates we can get. So all I need you to do is leave a comment with a "yes" "no" or "maybe" on attending, if its not THAT much of a straight forward answer, just give me a percentage. Alrighty? And I know a lot of you are more busy and don't keep up with lj as often so ill just sent you the link or try and get you to comment here the best I can. (I want all comments here so I don't have to look at 4 diff sites and count up everyone xD) <333 love love usagi <33 Ps: you too momo! LOL


So... Sense Michael Jackson is dead, no one is acknowledging Farrah Faucett -_-.

Fucked Up.



And.... Gotta get me that Sims 3 D;

Be Proud Of Me! I know I am!

My first year in college!
Id rather have ALL A's. but hey! Least I'm on the deans list <3

I have a lot of stuff to show you guys, but im going to the gym wiff my babe nao so I'll post later <3

<333 Usa


Puppy LOVE!

My Parents bought me this puppy!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH~
I am SOOO gunna dress him and take him with me EVERYWHERE xDD.

Any Idea's on what to name him? The breaders named him Skippy... But I'm not sure I want to keep that name.
If I can't find a good one I guess I'll keep that name, haha.

Gimme suggestions ^^